Business Development

The main challenge in and around innovation is – not surprisingly – resistance to change. TheCrowd make sure your Business Development & Innovation process comes and stays on track. Our approach to this is the so-called “skunk innovation”. We have over 15 year’s experience working with this innovation model. This is a way to inject creativity into an organization quickly and smoothly, so the new business area’s way through the development pipeline will be both very effective and relatively short. With thoughtfulness and high energy both around the new innovation projects and in the existing business. 

With the establishment of a number of new business areas outside the traditional core business, we also help you to establish a good collaboration between the “old fields ” and the new business areas. With potential synergies in terms of product development, branding, marketing and sales. Just as it is a separate object to managers and employees in the existing business to contribute to the new “ecosystem”. The new business will create new opportunities for the organization to absorb and execute on the innovation that will be crucial for future earnings.

Our typical project model is divided into four phases:

I. Identification of needs and KPIs : analysis of the forms of culture and business , which will be most useful in developing new ecosystems and the demands it makes different parts of the organization. Special focus will be on the cover of expectations and objectives in relation to the new ecosystems. 

II. Establish new ecosystems : Developing a language and method for ensuring the establishment of new ecosystems an other KPIs.

III. Action Plan: Description of the action plan and methodology that has been developed for the executive management group. A number of initiatives in the business to be in order to ensure implementation throughout the organization , including the Action Plan initiatives, timing, ownership and resources.

IV. Rollout of the organization & Evaluation Based on the action plan and select the method for designing a roll-out plan of the organization. Evaluation on KPIs

The above process is initially focused management team. In the next phase, the new tools and processes broadly cascades throughout the organization and to formulate a process for doing so.