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About Ole Mølgaard:

Ole Mølgaard (b. 1963) Media Development Expert, Director of the Board, Sveriges Radio and Program Director at CBS Executive.

Ole has more than 20 years of experience in print, radio, television and the Internet. And besides being the director of his own company, he is involved in boards and the management of several other companies and organizations.

As a business developer, he has a strong understanding of strategy, with a keen eye for future trends and breakthrough technologies. He has a broad technological and commercial knowledge and extensive experience of working within a policy framework. Ole has served on several boards in the European media industry and as chairman of several industry associations.

His focus ranges from the more theoretical approach, as Program Director at the Copenhagen Business School’s Executive Leadership Program, to a more hands-on approach giving advice to companies that are challenged by the ever-changing market, new competitors and consumer habits. And this applies to companies both within and outside the media industry.

Among several jobs in the media industry, Ole worked with both commercial and public service media. For over ten years, Ole was part of the corporate management of DR with overall responsibility for the DR Radio and Cross Media Strategies. In the DR, Ole has served as a Channel Manager for music on the radio, television and the Internet, and thus he was responsible for the overall channel development for more than 35 radio channels. Ole Mølgaard is one of the main architects of switching to DAB on Danish Radio and the formatting of the range of DR radio channels, which is being offered today.

Ole’s vast knowledge of media has resulted in the fact that he is a sought after speaker and teacher. Ole has given lectures and speeches at universities, media institutions and journalism programs around the world.